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WCCUSD School Board Anti-Racism Statement – Adopted March 2024

  • The West Contra Costa School District Board of Education is committed to the work of antiracism: the conscious and active effort to identify, challenge, and correct racial inequities in the systems and institutions within our schools and community

    Racism, explicit or implicit, stands in direct conflict to the fundamental principles of WCCUSD education. To carry WCCUSD education into the future, we recognize that we must continually renew and reflect on the roots of racism and develop new ideas to meet the times. 

    Unjust ideas and policies, and the racial inequity they produce, have shaped us, our schools, and our society. We strive to uncover unconscious biases and practice anti-racism as individuals and as Board members. We challenge ourselves to persist through the discomfort necessary for growth and learning, to deepen our listening and our examination of racism and oppression, and to develop a strong understanding of how our personal experiences and feelings fit into a larger picture of continual oppression. 

    Each member of our school board, individually and collectively, is responsible for creating and nurturing an antiracist learning environment where each student, staff member, and community partner is a respected and valued member of the WCCUSD community. We are uniquely positioned, and it is our responsibility to identify and dismantle racist ideas and inequitable policies in ourselves and across the 69成人网. 

    Therefore, we commit to supporting anti-racist policies, programs, and practices for our children’s education and well-being, while building strong and inclusive school communities. We commit to holding each board member accountable towards these goals and moving the work of antiracism forward. We also commit to holding West Contra Costa 69成人网 School District staff, students, and community to living these standards of anti-racism in our schools.


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