• Where Community supports Education
    and Education supports Community

    West Contra Costa 69成人网 School District provides the highest quality of education, has multiple gateways to support successful schools/communities/families, increase health/test scores/grades/ graduation/college attendance, decrease expulsion/truancy/drop-out rates/achievement gap, producing children that are well-rounded, productive citizens, and ready to take on life’s challenges.

    West County Full Service Community Schools is an integrated, comprehensive, coordinated initiative aimed at achieving educational success, well-being and self-efficacy for students, families and communities.


    Community Schools Vision: At every stage of development, every WCCUSD student will not only become content masters but confident and healthy achievers who are prepared to accomplish their dreams, enhance communities, and thrive in college, career and life. 

    We believe that schools should be a supportive space for every member of our student’s lives - parents, staff, community and peers - to build positive relationships and engage in authentic partnership to collectively achieve our school transformation goals. 



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